Tread carefully as you lurk within the cerebral bowels of the digital alter-ego of Franky Liu. Pay little attention to the imperfections, dulled blades and hurricane of crumpled paper and disjointed ideas; be disenchanted, numbed and mildly entertained at the miseducation of a typical, melancholic boy that yields not to the extraordinary or unfortunate circumstance, but the beauty of the mundane and under-stimulation.

In other words, welcome to my little digital home.

It is likely you stumbled upon this website by accident or by curiosity. Perhaps you have heard of this website because you were curious why my email address has a strange suffix. Nonetheless, a sincere heart-felt welcome.

You should not expect much from here; this is where I decide to place random pieces of work I have completed in the past as a hobbyist web designer. I was not formally trained as a web-designer and I do not traditionally advertise my services for commission; much of the work I have completed and my understanding of web-designing has come from many years of experience, hewning into characteristic works that may or may not represent the core of who I am. Regardless, web-design has been a faint flame atop a wick that ignites every-so-often.

So please, explore what is contained within, keeping your mind as numbed yet at ease.